Marioff Service contracts

Marioff offers service contracts to keep your fire safety system in good working condition. Regular maintenance checks ensure that the system operates correctly if a fire occurs.

Annual service contract
HI-FOG® systems are vital safety systems, and should only be serviced by certified service engineers. Unqualified service personnel can make potentially disastrous errors. Marioff cannot be held responsible for any system malfunction caused by the actions of untrained service personnel.

An annual service contract is the best way to keep your HI-FOG® system in perfect working condition. Marioff trains your system operators to perform small, regular tasks, such as visual inspections and simple tests, while Marioff’s certified service engineers perform annual or biannual service calls. A report is issued after every service call which includes:

  • List of service actions performed
  • Current condition and performance level of the system
  • Examination of any new rule or regulation impacting the system
  • Suggestions for upgrades or modifications

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