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Service contracts

Marioff ServicesJust as any appliance needs care, so too does HI-FOG®. Without regular check-ups and preventive maintenance, the reliability and performance of your HI‑FOG® system may diminish.

By being proactive with Services, you can extend the lifetime of your HI-FOG® system and help ensure you get the best fire protection performance possible.

Fire Technology offers a range of professional services to help maintain your HI‑FOG® system and operate it in the best way possible, so you can be sure of high quality, trustworthy, and fully optimized servicing.

HI-FOG® systems are vital safety systems, and should only be serviced by service engineers who are certified to train, operate and maintain HI‑FOG® systems.

Annual Service Contract

An annual service contract is the best way to keep your HI-FOG® system in perfect working condition. Fire Technology trains your system operators to perform small, regular tasks, such as visual inspections and simple tests, while Marioff’s certified service engineers perform annual service calls.

The annual service package provides thorough preventive maintenance, which is performed only by experienced HI-FOG® service engineers. The general condition and performance level of the system is checked and the operation of all the essential parts and functionalities is verified. The system is also inspected according to any new rules or regulations, with any upgrade suggestions stated in the service report.

Service contracts bring additional benefits such as:

  • Lower long-term maintenance costs
  • Discounts on spare parts
  • Predictable budget for maintenance
  • Service reports and recommendations