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The ship
The comfortable m.p.s.”Salvinia”can accommodate127 passengers and has three decks.The spacious and tastefully decorated loungeis located high above the water on the saloon deck. Also located in the bow area with a whirlpool, infra-red sauna and a 4-personTurkish bath.

The HI-FOG ®system
For the season 2006 the p.s.Salvinia completely renewed. Part of this innovation was also optimizing fire safety.
This has been achieved by applying a pressure Marioff HI-FOG® water mist system.The realized Marioff HI-FOG® gas-driven pump unit implements the full security of the ship.

Salvinia is thus ahead of legislation ROSR1995, which defined that:
Accordance with Art.10.03a”Fixed fire-fighting systems in accommodation spaces, wheelhouses and passenger spaces”should be provided
Accordance with Art.10.03b”Fixed fire-extinguishing systems in engine rooms, boiler rooms and pump rooms” should be provided in accordance with Art.15:12(Part2)”Passenger vessels shall be equipped with a fire extinguishing system”