Koukkunuemi Verzorgingshuis Tampere Finland

Koukkuniemi is the largest care home in the Nordic countries, housing nearly 900 elderly people. The care home is located on a peninsula, which means that the mains water supply only flows in one direction. HI-FOG® was the most cost effective option for fire suppression because it can protect the entire complex with a single pump station and compact water tank, whereas a traditional sprinkler system would have required separate pump units for each building and a duplicate water supply or large water reservoir.

The HI-FOG® system now protects all seven residential buildings, an administrative center, a maintenance center and a cafeteria, as well as 1km long service tunnel that connects all the buildings. During 2013, the system is expanded to cover the new development of Koukkuniemi including one new building and one existing building that will be refurbished.