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Datacenter KPN High Tech Campus Eindhoven

KPN has inter alia SPIE-ICS and Hamer data center built on the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven. Unique is the fact that this is the first operational CO2 negative data center in the world, which also meets the Tier 4 certification.

As part of theTier 4certificationestablishes that data applications requiring high reliability. Failure of digital systems must at all costs be avoided.Tier 4 certification is the highest guarantee of reliability.

All the systems and installations that are necessary for the operation of the data center are there for eredundant and completely separated.In line with this, the fire protection concept adopted by RHDHV, said Fire Technology in concept al ready inter locutor.Highly sensitive detection in combination with pre-action HI-FOG®water mist systems based on high pressure has developed into a suitable concept.