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Industry and energy

Automotive Industry VW

Automotive Industry VW HI-FOG® protects the spray booths, paint mixing rooms, wind tunnels, climatic chambers and cavities. The systems are installed on basis of current VdS approval.

SAICA Paper Plants Spain

SAICA Paper Plants Spain SAICA is the biggest Spanish paper group, with plants in Spain, France, the UK and Germany. They have 3 business units: Paper, Pack and Nature (recycling), which enables them to integrate their whole business cycle. SAICA is very conscious about safety issues, and recently decided, on the recommendation of their insurance...

Nemak Györ Aluminum Foundry, Hungary

Nemak Györ Aluminum Foundry, Hungary Nemak foundry manufactures power train components for light vehicles. The manufacturing process uses highly flammable substances causing a fire risk to manufacturing equipment and personnel. HI-FOG® protects the ducts of the production machinery. HI-FOG® has been repeatedly successful in putting out fires and keeping the production loss of fire incidents...

ENDESA Diesel Power Plants, Spain

ENDESA Diesel Power Plants, Spain ENDESA is one of the main power (generation and distribution) players in Spain. Furthermore, it is responsible for handling all the power on the Canary Islands, as it owns power generation diesel plants on every island. At its Lanzarote plant, ENDESA wanted to protect a 500m long cable tunnel, a...

Gas Natural Fenosa Hydro Plants Spain

Gas Natural Fenosa Hydro Plants Spain Gas Natural Fenosa (GNF) is one of the main power (generation and distribution) players in Spain, with two hydraulic generation plants by the Miño River, which is located in Ourense (Galicia). In each plant there is a power indoor trafo 132kV/6kV – 25MVA with switchgear. These types of trafos...

M-Real Cellulosefabriek

M-Real Cellulosefabriek KASKINEN, FINLAND: The M-Real Kaskinenfactory is one ofthe most modernpulp millsin Finlandthat producesbleachedchemical-thermomechanical pulp. Thereare a total of 640 HI-FOG® sprinkler and spray heads placed to protect. The 29 sections of the plant Here are the main and power transformers, engine, cable areas, cableracks, service areas and offices protected.

Verbund Hydro Power

Verbund Hydro Power AUSTRIA:AHI-FOG ® system protects the transformer to the Limberg II-EnergyVerbund Hydro Power AG in Austria. There are 30 nozzles installed, divided into three sections.The main modules of the HI-FOG® water mist system, the pipe system with nozzles and high-pressure pump unit SPU3.

Voestalpine Kabeltunnel

Voestalpine Kabeltunnel HI-FOG® protects the nearly four kilometers long cable tunnel that delivers power to the steel plant of Voestalpine, maker of high quality steel products. The HI-FOG® tubing network is divided into 116 separate sections throughout the tunnel and has over 1300 spray heads. Two high pressure pump units supply water to the system.

Airbus A380 Spuitcabine

Airbus A380 Spuitcabine BROUGHTON, UK: HI-FOG® water mist system protects the spray booth for spraying the wings for the largest passenger airliner in the world, the AirbusA380. The wings are the longest ever designed and manufactured byAirbus with a wingspan of nearly80 meters. The spray booth with a volume of more than 12,000m3 is protected...

Swb AG Energiecentrale

Swb AG Energiecentrale One of the high fire risk areas in a coal-fired power plant is the conveyor belts. To keep this risk minimized, swb AG selected HI-FOG® to protect its entire conveyor belt system. The HI-FOG® system protects a total 460 meters of elevated corridors. The width of the corridors varies from just over...