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HI-FOG® for yachts

Can high-performance fire protection and luxury coexist? Absolutely! HI-FOG® combines safety and elegance into one compact, efficient fire protection system.

HI-FOG® tubing is very narrow and can be hidden away in tight spaces. HI-FOG® sprinkler heads, the smallest on the market, can be artfully installed to blend in with interior design. The sprinklers can even be gold-plated to further enhance visual appearance.

This elegance is matched by proven performance. HI-FOG® is the most tested high-pressure water mist system on the market. Using HI-FOG® means:

  • Proven performance and long system life
  • Minimal water damage from a discharge
  • Flexibility to cover all fire hazards
  • An elegant installation using our experience from well over 100 luxury yacht projects

HI-FOG® benefits:

  • Proven performance
  • Long system life
  • Low water usage
  • Elegant installation

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