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HI-FOG® for power generation

Modern turbines and generators are sophisticated and expensive machinery. Each is a significant investment and source of income deserving effective and reliable fire protection. HI-FOG® is an excellent choice for power generation machinery.

HI-FOG® provides high performance fire protection that is safe for people, equipment and the environment. HI-FOG® is both efficienct and reliabile with proven protection against thermal stresses. Delivering high performance in both open and closed spaces, HI-FOG® is ideal for:

  • Gas turbines
  • Wind turbines
  • Diesel generators
  • Steam turbines

HI-FOG® is a very flexible fire protection system. Compact and light weight,
it can be configured to fit the tight compartments of, for example, wind turbine nacelles. HI-FOG® can also be configured to provide fire protection for the wider spaces of surrounding infrastructure.

Tested for a many types of spaces, HI-FOG® can protect individual turbines, substations, hydropower plants, nuclear power plants, and similar facilities.

Read more about HI-FOG® systems for power applications.

HI-FOG® benefits:

  • Low water usage
  • Proven performance
  • For open and closed spaces
  • Integrated power and water supply

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