HI-FOG® system valves

A HI-FOG® system can contain a number of different types of valves. Each valve type plays a different functional role in the system. All HI-FOG® valve types are engineered and manufactured by Marioff to ensure high performance.

Sprinkler section valves

Section valves are used to divide a HI-FOG® sprinkler system into sections. They are normally open and monitored. When there is water flow through the valve, it indicates a sprinkler has been activated and the HI-FOG® system is automatically activated.

The section valve can also be used to manually close the water supply, for example, for section maintenance. For routine maintenance testing, section valves are equipped with a test connection to simulate sprinkler activation.

Section valves are available in several sizes and can be fitted with various types of flow monitors and other accessories as needed.

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Machinery space valves

Machinery space valves are used mainly in HI-FOG® systems with open spray heads. The valves are normally closed: when a fire alarm is received from a section, the dedicated valve for that section is opened to allow a discharge. The valve can be opened automatically or manually, through remote or local control.

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Release and control valves

A wide range of release and control valves are available for activation of gas-driven systems. Release valves open the gas source for single or multiple discharges. The gas cylinders can be released either through one common manifold release valve or through individual release valves. The release method may be electric, pneumatic, hydraulic or manual.

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Other valves

Marioff also provides other valves, such as non-return valves, ball valves and stabilisation valves, as part of a system installation. Most of these valves are also designed and manufactured by Marioff.