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HI-FOG® Accumulator units

HI-FOG® accumulator units are used in smaller spaces or as redundancy for other HI-FOG® systems. They use compressed air or nitrogen that is released through water cylinders, discharging the water through HI-FOG® spray heads into the protected spaces.

Marioff offers three basic types of HI-FOG® accumulator units:

  • HI-FOG® Machinery Space Accumulator Unit (MAU)
  • HI-FOG® Kitchen Accumulator Unit (KAU)

HI-FOG® Machinery Space Accumulator Unit (MAU)

The HI-FOG® MAU is used for small machinery space applications, gas turbine enclosures and similar spaces. The units are modular and self-contained with no moving parts. They can be either wall mounted or skid mounted.

The units consist of a number of water cylinders, one or more pressurised nitrogen or air cylinders, and a release valve. Unit size varies depending on the application-specific requirements.

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HI-FOG® Kitchen Accumulator Unit (KAU)

The HI-FOG® KAU is similar to the HI-FO ® MAU, but is specially optimized for kitchen applications such as deep fat fryers and duct protection.

HI-FOG® product family:

FireTechnology - Experts in brandbestrijding met watermistsystemen - KAU