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HI-FOG® for cultural heritage

HI-FOG® is a proven fire protection solution that safely and efficiently suppresses fire using only small volumes of pure water. HI-FOG® is a safe and reliable solution ideal for protecting a wide variety of cultural heritage buildings.

HI-FOG® is both modular and highly flexible. The system can be hidden away to keep fire protection out of sight and out of mind for guests and visitors of buildings such as:

  • Museums and art galleries
  • Cathedrals and churches
  • Theatres and music houses
  • Libraries and archives
  • Historic buildings and tourist attractions

Tested for a wide variety of spaces, HI-FOG® protects:

  • Domes/cupolas, attics, roof structures
  • Exhibition galleries
  • Storage rooms and archives
  • Lobbies and corridors
  • Auditoriums and conference rooms
  • Offices, shops and restaurants

Using its vast experience, Marioff can design and install HI-FOG® in heritage buildings unobtrusively, maintaining their pristine and irreplaceable value, while ensuring world-class fire protection.

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HI-FOG® benefits:

  • Low water usage
  • Compact components
  • Flexible configuration
  • Proven performance

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