HI-FOG® Testing and approval

With thousands of full-scale fire tests completed, the HI-FOG® Water Mist Fire Protection System is the world’s most tested water mist solution. HI-FOG® has been tested across a wide variety of applications and holds a large number of type approvals from recognised approval authorities.

In the early 1990s when HI-FOG® was first launched commercially, there were no standards for water mist technology. The only way to show the capability of HI-FOG® was to conduct full-scale fire tests case by case. This testing formed the basis for many international standards. Still today new fire test standards are being developed on the basis of HI-FOG® testing.

Marioff’s involvement in the standard making process began in 1991 when company representatives attended the International Maritime Organization (IMO) Fire Protection sub-committee meeting, charged with developing regulations for alternative sprinkler systems’ for passenger ships.

Marioff specialists have served on the IMO sub-committee every year since. On land side Marioff participates in the standardisation work of the NFPA 750 water mist committee (USA) and CEN water mist Working Group under Technical Committee CEN/TC191 (Europe) since their formation in 1993 and 1999, respectively.

Type approvals

Due to the large variety of water mist system types, there are no generic design methods to cover all different systems. The only acknowledged way for evaluating the performance of a water mist system is through full-scale fire testing.

All the important parameters are defined in the relevant fire tests.

These include:

  • nozzle type
  • nozzle spacing
  • flow rate / operating pressure
  • max. ceiling height and/or max. volume

HI-FOG® type approvals
Overview of type approval for HI-FOG® land applications
Overview of type approval for HI-FOG® marine applications

Requests versus approvals:
Approval matrix land applications

FM Certificate Machinery Spaces
FM Certificate 1500 M3
FM Certificate HI-FOG® 2000
FM Protection of light hazard occupancies
VdS 2132 certificate Fire Technology B.V.
Kiwa BRL-K21020 Certificate