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About Fire Technology B.V./Marioff

Fire Technology B.V. is official dealer for the Benelux for the HI-FOG® system for landbased systems; for several applications VdS and/or FM approved and agent for marine based applications (approvals for all applications available). Founded in 1985, Marioff is a leading provider of water mist fire protection on land and at sea.

The HI-FOG® Water Mist Fire Protection System is installed on almost every large cruise ship in the world. On land, HI-FOG® protects many structures such as tunnels, stations, hotels, energy facilities, heritage buildings, data centres and hospitals. Headquartered in Vantaa, Finland, Marioff employs a skilled team of fire protection, mechanical, hydraulic and electrical engineers. This core group supports a global network of subsidiaries and agents, providing installation and commissioning assistance as well as service and maintenance backup. HI-FOG® is the fire protection technology of choice across a diverse range of applications, backed by a dedicated team whose one aim is to provide customer satisfaction. Marioff is a global company, part of UTC Fire & Security, a division of United Technologies Corporation (UTC). UTC is the parent of companies such as Pratt & Whitney Otis and Carrier.

Marioff in numbers:

Founded 1985 Around 400 people worldwide

UTC in numbers:

Net sales $52,921B USD (2009) UTC Fire & Security division net sales $5,5B USD (2009)

UTC websites:

United Technologies Corp.

UTC Fire & Security

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